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My Sweet Cinderella
Scarlett and the Wolf
Beauty and the Beast
The Touch of Snow


Tantalising Tales Collection

by Lorelei Johnson

In this wonderful collection, each book is based on a different fairy tale (because who doesn't love a good fairy tale retelling?). These quickies are sure to get your heart racing.

1. My Sweet Cinderella.png

My Sweet Cinderella

A Cinderella Retelling

When Cinderella’s stepmother forced her to act as a servant in her own home, she thought she could sink no lower…

...Until her stepmother sells her to the royal palace as a slave.

But the devilishly handsome Prince Henri offers her a deal she cannot refuse. If she can resist him for one month, she will win her freedom, but if she can’t, she’ll be his forever.

Can she resist Prince Charming long enough to win her freedom or will she find something more enticing?

2. Scarlett and the Wolf - ebook.png

Scarlett and the Wolf

A Little Red Riding Hood Retelling

Scarlett has never felt like she belonged, except when she visits her grandmother…

…when she visits this time, she discovers that her grandmother has been kidnapped by the Huntsman and there was a lot more to the old woman than meets the eye.

Branden is a werewolf, and there's something about him that draws her in, an undeniable attraction like she has never known. But their relationship is forbidden. If he chooses her, he forsakes his pack and everything he has ever known.

The clock is ticking. Can they stop the Huntsman before it’s too late? Their lives and their love depend on it.

3. Beauty and the Beast.png

Beauty and the Beast

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

When Belle's father tells her it's time to go, she is glad to get away from Gaston...


...But as an austere castle looms before them, she can't help but feel like she's jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Her father traded her to save his own skin and now she's being held prisoner by the mysteriously aloof Lord Alaric. She's left to her own devices with only two rules; never leave the grounds and never enter the west wing.

What is Lord Alaric hiding up there in that forbidden wing?


When curiosity gets the best of her, will she find a man or a monster?

4. The Touch of Snow.png

The Touch of Snow

A Snow Queen Retelling

When Gwen was eighteen, she was cursed with the power of winter...


...frozen in time and unable to control her power, she isolates herself inside her frozen castle, giving up hope of ever having a normal life.


Until fate brought Kai to her.


Taking shelter in the frozen castle, Kai never imagined the stories of a Snow Queen might actually be true. But the woman he finds is nothing like the evil witch he expected. He's drawn to her and he can't stay away.


But will his love save or ruin her?

5. The Little Mermaid.png

The Little Mermaid

A Little Mermaid Retelling

Naia has always dreamed of seeing the surface world for herself...


...but her mother's death puts those dreams on hold and her father bans mermaids from visiting the surface again.


Determined to see the world the her mother loved so much, Naia sneaks away in the night. But a storm hits and she's forced to make a decision, leave the human to his fate or save his life. It's a decision that will soon change her life.


She has to see him again.


She asks the Sea Witch for a spell so that she might live by his side. But all magic comes with a price.


Now that she has a human life, will she finally get the man of her dreams or will she lose everything?

6. Summoned by the Piper.png

Summoned by the Piper

A Pied Piper Retelling


Lyra always knew she was different, but she never realised just how different she was until a mysterious stranger enters her dreams.


Dreams which are more real than she'd ever thought possible.


When he comes to take her from the life she longs to escape, she realises she may have been trapped in an entirely different way.


But there's a powerful force pulling them together and Lyra finds herself unable to resist. When she finds out the truth, will she give him her heart or flee?

7. Rumpelstiltskin.png


A Rumpelstiltskin Retelling

The beautiful and strong-willed Princess Nadia has always fought for her freedom...


...when she discovers a strange man who can offer her just that, is the offer too good to be true?


On the eve of her twenty-eighth birthday, Princess Nadia discovers a strange man locked away in the palace. She should know better but there's something about him that draws her in.


Then he offers her the one thing she wants more than anything: her freedom.


With an arranged marriage looming over her, Nadia accepts his offer. But she realises too late that she may have stepped out of one cage and into another.


Will she manage to escape or will she stay and allow herself to love a demon?

Little Meraid
Summoned by the Piper
8. The Magic of the Lamp.jpg

The Magic of the Lamp

An Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Retelling

A headstrong princess, an ambitious sorcerer, and a forbidden love that could ruin them both…

When Princess Jasmine returns home after fifteen years, she's determined not to choose any of the suitors her father has lined up for her.

She doesn't need a man to rule her kingdom.

Jafar has fought tooth and nail for everything he has and he never sets his sights on something he can't have.

Until her.

But the princess must marry a prince.

When the mysterious Prince Ali enters the palace stirring a curiosity in the princess, Jafar's jealousy in uncontainable. But when the choice before him is love or power, will he fight for the woman he loves or cling to the power he so desperately craves?


The Magic of the Lamp is the enticing eighth book in the Tantalising Tales Collection. If you like forbidden romance, sizzling tension and happily ever afters, then you’ll love Lorelei Johnson’s seductive twist on this fairy tale.


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