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All titles by Lorelei Johnson

The McLeod Brothers Trilogy



The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #1


Rejecting her almost destroyed him.


Lachlan McLeod has always done what is best for his pack. But that's tested on the eve of his wedding when he finds his fated mate. To accept her now would mean war, rejecting her might just kill him.


Winning her back might just be impossible.


Katja Jones is young when her mate rejected her. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she's not going to let a male define her. When McLeod trackers began sniffing around, she easily evades them, until her own bravado puts her in Lachlan's path once more.





The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #2

He's been a warrior his whole life.


Edan McLeod has been leading the fight against the McKinnon pack since his father's death, but it's a different threat he's hunting on the night he meets his mate. She's perfect in every way, except for one thing.


She's a McKinnon.


She's the daughter of his greatest rival.

Merida McKinnon was raised to be the perfect female, though she never quite seemed to measure up in her father's eyes. When she discovers Edan McLeod is her mate, she knows her father will use her against him. Betrayal is inevitable, but will she betray her blood or her bond?




The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #3

Coming July 2023

He's a notorious playboy.


Finn McLeod has always enjoyed the fun things in life, and he's never had to work hard to get them. He was happy to remain carefree and unencumbered, until he saw her. Now there can never be anyone else.


But she's the one female he has to fight for, and the only one he can't keep.


She's got no time for foolish games.


Adelyn Sinclair is the first born female vampire in centuries, which might come with some nice perks if she wasn't the ward of a tyrannical male bent on world domination. But she isn't going to sit idly by and let him put a leash on her. No, Adelyn has other plans.


Curse of Fate and Fae


Prince of Never

Curse of Fate an Fae, #1

Destined to love him. Destined to own him. Destined to destroy him.


Only one thing stands between Tarian and his crown: a woman prophesised to be his downfall. He'd expected a formidable enemy, but what he found was a human librarian. One who seems to have a penchant for recklessness and a serious lack of self-preservation. One who poses a serious dilemma.


How to take his crown when he can't remove the one thing standing in his way?



Queen of Ever

Curse of Fate and Fae, #2

Coming 2024

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Curse of Fate an Fae, #3


Coming Soon

Chicago Witches


When You Forget Me

Chicago Witches, #0.5

She's cursed to be forgotten, but some things are more powerful than magic.


Elspeth has spent the last two years running from her past, drifting through life like a ghost. Unable to break her curse thanks to her wonky magic, she needs to find someone powerful enough to break it for her.


Not an easy feat when people forget you the moment they look away.


But then she meets a man who defies everything.



When You Burn Me

Chicago Witches, #1


Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

When You Dream of Me

Chicago Witches, #2


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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