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The McLeod Brothers Trilogy



The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #1


Rejecting her almost destroyed him.


Lachlan McLeod has always done what is best for his pack. But that's tested on the eve of his wedding when he finds his fated mate. To accept her now would mean war, rejecting her might just kill him.


Winning her back might just be impossible.


Katja Jones is young when her mate rejected her. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she's not going to let a male define her. When McLeod trackers began sniffing around, she easily evades them, until her own bravado puts her in Lachlan's path once more.



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The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #2

Coming March 2023

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The McLeod Brother's Trilogy #3

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Tantalising Tales Collection

1. My Sweet Cinderella.png

My Sweet Cinderella

The Tantalising Tales Collection


When Cinderella’s stepmother forced her to act as a servant in her own home, she thought she could sink no lower…

...Until her stepmother sells her to the royal palace as a slave.

But the devilishly handsome Prince Henri offers her a deal she cannot refuse....


4. The Touch of Snow.png

The Touch of Snow

The Tantalising Tales Collection

When Gwen was eighteen, she was cursed with the power of winter...


...frozen in time and unable to control her power, she isolates herself inside her frozen castle, giving up hope of ever having a normal life.


Until fate brought Kai to her.


7. Rumpelstiltskin.png


The Tantalising Tales Collection


The beautiful and strong-willed Princess Nadia has always fought for her freedom...


...when she discovers a strange man who can offer her just that, is the offer too good to be true?


On the eve of her twenty-eighth birthday, Princess Nadia discovers a strange man locked away in the palace. She should know...


2. Scarlett and the Wolf - ebook.png

Scarlett and the Wolf

The Tantalising Tales Collection

Scarlett has never felt like she belonged, except when she visits her grandmother…

…when she visits this time, she discovers that her grandmother has been kidnapped by the Huntsman and there was a lot more to the old woman than meets the eye.


Branden is a werewolf, and there's something about him that draws her in...


5. The Little Mermaid.png

The Little Mermaid

The Tantalising Tales Collection

Naia has always dreamed of seeing the surface world for herself...


...but her mother's death puts those dreams on hold and her father bans mermaids from visiting the surface again.


Determined to see the world the her mother loved so much, Naia sneaks away in the night.


8. The Magic of the Lamp.jpg
3. Beauty and the Beast.png

Beauty and the Beast

The Tantalising Tales Collection

When Belle's father tells her it's time to go, she is glad to get away from Gaston...


...But as an austere castle looms before them, she can't help but feel like she's jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Her father traded her to save his own skin and now she's being held prisoner by the mysteriously aloof Lord Alaric. She's left to her own devices with only two rules...


6. Summoned by the Piper.png

Summoned by the Piper

The Tantalising Tales Collection

Lyra always knew she was different, but she never realised just how different she was until a mysterious stranger enters her dreams.


Dreams which are more real than she'd ever thought possible.

When he comes to take her from the life she longs to escape, she realises she may have been trapped in an entirely different way.



The Magic of the Lamp

The Tantalising Tales Collection

A headstrong princess, an ambitious sorcerer, and a forbidden love that could ruin them both…

When Princess Jasmine returns home after fifteen years, she's determined not to choose any of the suitors her father has lined up for her.

She doesn't need a man to rule her kingdom.

Jafar has fought tooth and nail for everything he has and he never sets his sights on...


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