The McLeod Brothers Trilogy

by Lorelei Johnson

Get ready for sexy, Scottish werewolves as they meet their matches! How will these alpha males win their feisty mates?



Rejecting her almost destroyed him.


Lachlan McLeod has always done what is best for his pack. But that's tested on the eve of his wedding when he finds his fated mate. To accept her now would mean war.


Giving her up was the only choice; a choice that nearly kills him.


Winning her back might just be impossible.


Katja Jones is young when her mate rejected her. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she's not going to let a male define her. When McLeod trackers began sniffing around, she easily evades them, until her own bravado puts her in Lachlan's path again.


Can they find their way back to each other?


Taking Katja prisoner might be ill-advised, but with enemies lurking around every corner, Lachlan has little choice if he wants to keep her alive. Can he convince Katja to forgive him before it's too late?


Luna is the enticing first book in the McLeod Brothers Trilogy. If you like paranormal, captive romances with strong female leads and sexy alpha males, then you'll love this captivating new series by Lorelei Johnson.

Trigger Warnings: this book explores dark themes and may contain content that is inappropriate or triggering for some readers, including explicit sex scenes, captivity, violence, and mild swearing.



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