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She's cursed to be forgotten, but some things are more powerful than magic.


Elspeth has spent the last two years running from her past, drifting through life like a ghost. Unable to break her curse thanks to her wonky magic, she needs to find someone powerful enough to break it for her.


Not an easy feat when people forget you the moment they look away.


But then she meets a man who defies everything.


Roman is one of the vampires' top enforcers. With little else to distract him, he's thrown himself into his work. Until one night he scents his bride. Though his instincts scream that she's his, she seems to dance at the edge of his memory, threatening to vanish if he leaves her side.


When her past catches up with her, will they finally break her curse or will she fade from his memory forever?


When You Forget Me is a spellbinding novella by Lorelei Johnson that you won't soon forget. If you like fated mates, steamy romance, and powerful magic, then you'll love this captivating paranormal romance.

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