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Prince of Never

Curse of Fate and Fae, #1

Destined to love him. Destined to own him. Destined to destroy him.


Only one thing stands between Tarian and his crown: a woman prophesised to be his downfall. He'd expected a formidable enemy, but what he found was a human librarian. One who seems to have a penchant for recklessness and a serious lack of self-preservation. One who poses a serious dilemma.




The McLeod Brothers Trilogy, #3

He's a notorious playboy.


Finn McLeod has always enjoyed the fun things in life, and he's never had to work hard to get them. He was happy to remain carefree and unencumbered, until he saw her. Now there can never be anyone else.

But she's the one female he has to fight for, and the only one he can't keep.


She's got no time for foolish games.




The McLeod Brothers Trilogy, #2

He's been a warrior his whole life.


Edan McLeod has been leading the fight against the McKinnon pack since his father's death, but it's a different threat he's hunting on the night he meets his mate. She's perfect in every way, except for one thing.


She's a McKinnon.




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Upcoming Releases


Queen of Ever

Curse of Fate and Fae, #2

Coming 2024


When You Burn Me

Chicago Witches, #1

Coming 2024

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